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About Us

  •    Years of experience is the key to what makes Bright Productions special. In the years since "1990" when the company was formed, it has witnessed and helped contribute to many major steps in the evolution of the industry, faced every conceivable challenge and worked in all areas of the Audio/Visual production field.

  •    Our production specialists are not just chosen for their technical skills, reliability and attention to detail; they are chosen as part of our team because of their sense of personal responsibility and natural ability to interact with our clients in a professional, friendly and respectful manner. They know how to handle themselves under pressure in a wide variety of situations, from single and multi band concerts, religious crusades, to corporate functions. 

  •    Our clients are our lifeline of our company and, most importantly, each one of them are treated with equal respect, regardless of their stature. We have worked with numerous national recording artists, major corporations such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and also to include former Presidents George Bush and Ronald Reagan.  Many of our clients have returned to us, time and time again, whenever they have new projects or events. 

Platform Stages

  • The Platform stage setup is probably the most customizable stage setups.

        Stage Specs

  • 8' Wide X 4' Deep Sections

  • From 1' - 6' Adjustable Deck Height

  • Almost Unlimited Design Configuration

  • Adjustable Stair Case Included

  • Stage Skirting Included

mobile Stage 

  • Our mobile stage is one of our most requested setups.

        Stage Specs

  • 16' High Roof

  • 36' Wide X 24' Deep Stage Decking

  • Front and Rear Upper Truss For Lighting

  • Adjustable Stair Case Included

  • Stage Skirting Included

Truss Systems

  • Our Truss systems  all aluminum truss (2 Chord Ladder, 3 Chord Triangle, and 4 Chord Box)

  • used to hold lighting or clamp lighting.It is used to hang and support lighting and moving heads along with many other things. This can take the form of a trade show display, a truss archway or truss arch, truss entrance way, or stage truss. 

  • They are available in many lengths so you can design different configurations

Choir & Audience Risers

  • All of our stages come with portable stair cases. If you need an ADA approved ramp for your event, we have you covered there also.

  • Riser Specs

  • 8' Wide X 4' Deep Sections

  • From 1' - 6' Adjustable Deck Height

  • Add As Many Tiers as needed

  • Skirting Included

  • Lighting and special affects are a very important when it comes to putting on more then just your average music event.

Lighting and Affects



  • We carry all the major brands when it comes to lighting and special effects. Including but not limited to Chauvet DJ, ADJ, and Jands.

Have any questions?



  • We specialize in quality sound reinforcement equipment to fit any venue and setup imaginable.

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